Working with NGOs

Chinegua works with different NGOs around the planet. We believe in the NGOs we collaborate with.

For us, having the opportunity to professionally join efforts with worldwide NGOs to help them advance their missions is both an honor and a privilege. That is why we are committed to putting our best efforts forward to deliver our best so that their message truly comes through and reaches as many people as possible.

If you are considering undertaking a photography or video project, We would be more than happy to hear from you and your organization to discuss your needs and to run a project that truly reflects who you are and your mission. Please do not hesitate to contact us on

Videos for NGOs

Chinegua has had the opportunity to create several videos for the Vicente Ferrer Foundation. We create three kinds of videos: Short videos for social media, long videos (over 10 minute-long), such us Documentaries or short films, and series of videos for long term and ad-hoc campaigns. Please check out some examples below:

Documentaries or long videos

Occasionally, a specific project requires a longer video to allow to go deeper into the subject. For those occasions, Chinegua has done different documentaries or short movies taking different approaches to better show the audience the context and the variety of nuances involved. Please check below some examples.

Rural Women Silent Revolution Four Hospitals one Goal

Six women from rural Andhra Pradesh, India, share how they defied their destiny. A doctor, a university student, an entrepreneur, a graduate, a woman with disability and a farmer that challenge what a deeply patriarchal society expects from them. This documentary narrates through the voices of medical staff and patients the efforts of RDT over the past decades to promote access to quality healthcare for everyone in the rural areas of India.

Series of videos

Sometimes the NGOs work in a specific campaign which requires a batch of videos with the same look and feel. Gowthami’s Dream belongs to a series of videos for Vicente Ferrer Foundation. These kinds of videos explain to kids the work of the FVF in India in regards to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainable Development Goal 4 ” Quality education “

Short videos

Please find below some examples of short videos for NGOs. We create this kind of videos for social media, when there is a special day or content the NGOs want to share quickly.

Photography for NGOs

Collaboration with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation

FVF empowers rural communities in India and supports them in their struggle to eradicate poverty, suffering and injustice. Chinegua´s main collaboration in photography with FVF is based on the creation of content for social media. From time to time, we also have participated in photography sessions for books, as you find below.

Photographies for books or magazines
Pictures for books and magazines

Documentary photo project for Anantapur Sport Academy

Collaboration with SomosFrè

Fré is a foundation which focuses on migrants’ integration within the Santiago de Chile communities. Fré provides migrants with Spanish classes, assists them with CV preparation and offers them legal advice. Haiti nationals are the foundation’s main target. Chinegua had the opportunity to collaborate with them in a photography project and it truly was an eye-opening experience as it allows us to see first-hand some of the issues migrants face upon arrival to a new country. We truly regard ourselves fortunate to have been able to witness all the kind of support the foundation provides to migrants to allow for as a smooth transition as possible into their new home country.

Cover Page for Somos Fre

Collaboration with Anganwadi Project.

The Anganwadi Project designs and builds ‘Anganwadi’ or pre-schools in disadvantaged areas of Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh, India. Since their sinception, TAP has built over 16 anganwadis and has positively affected the lives of more than 500 children. They have sent more than 30 volunteer architects and designers to India to work and oversee these projects. Chinegua had the opportunity to do a shooting for them in Andhra Pradesh.

Architecture photography